Pastors Renewal Ministry 教牧更新事工

Pastors Renewal Ministry 教牧更新事工

Pastors are called to provide effective leadership to their congregations for church growth and proclamation of the gospel. Pastoring in Australia is an even more challenging experience today than a generation ago. The physical, psychological, emotional, interpersonal and spiritual demands on the pastors are always exceedingly high. Clergy burnout, high stress and loss of focus/direction are commonly experienced by pastors in the course of their ministry. A close relationship of support and encouragement with more experienced pastors can enable pastors and their spouses to serve the church and their communities more effectively on a continuing basis.

In pursuit of its broader harm prevention objectives, FLC establishes and maintains a “Pastor Renewal Ministry” since 2015 to support the pastors and their spouses in Australia.  




Objective 目標
To prevent burnout, depression and other harmful behaviours among pastors and the community.
It is anticipated that the pursuit of the above goal will also have the following beneficial, ancillary results:
  • renew the ministry and leadership capacities of pastors. 
  • strengthen the pastors in fulfilling their calling to serve and lead their ministry in reaching out to their communities.
Activities 活動
To provide a free and confidential service to pastors and their spouses by a team of experienced pastors:
  • Prayer, support and encouragement. 
  • Biblical and theological advice or suggestions to deal with ministry issues.
  • Problem-solving and conflict resolution skills/strategies in the ministry.
  • Necessary referral to appropriate services.
  • Support to enhance their spiritual growth.
  • Support to enrich their marriage, family and interpersonal relationships.
  • Consultation on personal and ministry direction.
  • Educational support (including conference, seminar & retreat camp, etc)
  • 祈禱、支持和鼓勵。
  • 以聖經及神學為基礎,提供處理事工問題的意見。
  • 提供解決問題和衝突的策略。
  • 轉介服務。
  • 支持及提升靈命成長。
  • 培育美滿婚姻、家庭和人際關係。
  • 導引個人及事工方向。
  • 教育(包括會議、研討會和退修營等)。


Language 語言
Cantonese粵語 /  Mandarin國語 / English英語
Fee 費用
Free of charge.  Donation will be appreciated. 費用全免。自由奉獻
(Donation of $2.00 or over to “First Light Care Fund” is tax-deductible 捐款A$2或以上予 “First Light Care Fund” 可憑收據申請扣減税項)
Location of Service 服務地點
At appropriate premises / venues that will protect confidentiality. Will be advised on making an appointment with the team. 合適及保密的場地,預約時另行通知。
For Appointment or Enquiry 預約或查詢
Mail 郵寄  Pastors Renewal Ministry, First Light Care 
                 PO Box 329, West Ryde NSW 1685, Australia 

Pastoral Renewal Ministry Subcommittee (Established in April 2021)

教牧更新事工小組委員會 (2021年4月成立)

  1. Pastor Dr Devin Yu (Chairperson) 余大峰博士傳道 (主席)
  2. Rev. Dr K.C. Hung (Vice-chairperson) 洪國智博士牧師  (副主席)
  3. Rev. Joseph Fung (Member) 馮約瑟牧師  (委員)
  4. Rev. Dennis To (Member) 杜偉雄牧師 (委員)
  5. Rev. Timothy Leung (Member) 梁錦洪牧師 (委員)

Team of Pastors 教牧團隊


 Dr Nancy Fung 馮陳念恩博士師母
(Founding Pastor/Senior Counsellor/Assistant Centre Director 創始牧者/高級輔導員/助理輔導中心總監)
Dr Nancy Fung moved to Australia when she was 17 and has since been very involved in education and ministry. Initially, Nancy studied Nursing and worked in Nursing Education, including completing four master degrees in Theology, Education, Nursing Administration and Counselling. However, following her husband Joseph entering full-time ministry, Nancy felt called to leave her Senior Lecturer position to provide full-time support to Joseph.

To better equip herself for her ministries, Nancy completed a Bachelor and a Master of Theology, and a PhD focused on theological education. She has been a part time adjunct lecturer with the Chinese Theological College Australia from 2010 to 2018.  

Currently, Nancy is a Senior Counsellor/Assistant Centre Director at First Light Care and a cross-cultural chaplain with Joseph at Moore College. 

馮陳念恩博士17歲時移居澳洲,一直參與教育及事工。最初學習護理,並參與護理教育工作。共完成四個碩士學位,包括神學、教育、醫護行政和輔導。 當馮牧師決定參與全職事奉,馮博士亦毅然離開高級講師一職,全力支持丈夫。



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 Rev Joseph Fung 馮約瑟牧師 (Founding Pastor 創始牧者)

Rev Joseph Fung migrated to Australia when he was 15 years old and became an active Christian during his mechanical engineering degree at Sydney University. He worked at University of New South Wales for 13 years. During these years he was active in student outreach, before being called to be a full-time pastor. Joseph’s ministry has centred on bringing the gospel to Chinese-Australians. He was the founding pastor of Chinese and Australian Baptist Church (West Ryde and Thornleigh). Joseph and his wife Nancy planted several Chinese churches and he has been one of the founding members of the United Chinese Evangelistic Committee (now SCCCA) from its very beginning, and now the Advisor. Joseph has also been involved in pioneering the first Chinese migrant social programs with the Council of the City of Ryde and the Chinese Theological College Australia. 

With decades of experience in Christian ministry and church planting, Rev Joseph Fung and Dr Nancy Fung bring wisdom and insight that will help other pastors and church leaders find the support they need as they serve and lead their churches. Having spent decades working together to serve the church and its leaders, they are well-qualified to help pastors, church leaders and their spouses build not only strong churches, but strong leaders and strong families too.



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 Rev Timothy Leung 梁錦洪牧師

Timothy was born and brought up in Hong Kong, attended church with grandparents and parents and converted to Jesus when young.

Timothy was educated in Hong Kong. After graduating from College of Education, he became a teacher. In respond to the call of the Lord he attended Concordia Theological Seminary and Lutheran Theological Seminary, obtaining Master of Divinity (M.Div) and Master of Sacred Theology (S.T.M.) degrees respectively. Later he completed the Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program. He served in Hong Kong China Peniel Missionary Society Inc. and in 1987 he was ordained as a church minister.

In 1991, Timothy’s family migrated to Sydney, Australia. From 1994 to 2014, he served at Grace Chinese Christian Church, Kogarah, NSW, and at the same time served as a Chaplain in hospital for the sick and in NSW Prison Fellowship for the Chinese inmates. He also had regular visitation to various nursing homes to care for the elderly.

From 2014 to 2017, Timothy served at Reacher Swatow Christian Church in Hong Kong, mentoring young pastors. In 2017, he returned to Sydney and starting from 2018, Timothy served at North District Chinese Christian Church Sydney until now. Timothy wishes that he would be able to work with young pastors, to serve the Lord, to encourage each other and to build each other up.

Timothy is married to Kitty and they have a daughter and a son, working in the northern part of New South Wales and in Canberra.



一九九一年底舉家移居澳洲雪梨,一九九四年至二零一四年在Kogarah 華人恩典基督教會事奉,其間亦為醫院院牧並參與紐省監獄團契中文事工,與病者及囚友同行,多年來也經常往訪雪梨不同之老人院舍,與長者為友



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 Rev Dennis To 杜偉雄牧師

Dennis and his wife Pamela have two adult children. Dennis was converted in the early 1980’s, but this had taken a long time for him to truly commit his faith to Christ Jesus. Such an experience had limited his spiritual growth till he came to Sydney in 1998. Despite a costly life journey, it ended up blessing Dennis to confess genuinely with his determination to serving God.

Dennis was called to full-time ministry in 2001. He became a minister at church in 2005 after theological training. To him, nothing is more important than being guided by God. Also because of the pursuit of the call, Dennis had changed his ministry to be a bible college’s chaplain since 2014. While he keeps serving voluntarily at his mother church, he works hard for the kingdom from one stage to the other.

With such a life experience in following Jesus, Dennis is strongly interested in the ongoing study of God’s calling, the future church, the issues of ministries, the actions of truths, the challenges of spiritual journey, the development of spiritual mentorship, the basic method of reading bible etc. Dennis is passionate of meeting those who are interested in studying or developing the above biblical and ministerial segments.

杜牧師婚後與太太育有兩名孩子,現已成長工作。杜牧師在1980年代初期信耶穌,但反而沒有認真跟隨主。這樣的信仰態度使他的屬靈生命呆濟不前, 直至在1998年移居雪尼才開始改變。這儘管使他的生命歷程付上代價,但最終卻成為祝福,使他真心悔改回轉,並決心事奉追隨神。


這樣的屬靈旅程,使杜牧師對認識神的召命,擁有濃厚興趣,一直不斷研讀,直至現今。除此以外,他對不少的事奉類別 (例如: 教會未來,事奉難處,真理實踐,靈命挑戰,屬靈生命導引與發展,讀經基本等等),也頗有負擔。


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 Rev Dr K C Hung 洪國智博士牧師

Rev Hung believed in Jesus Christ in 1992. He was then cultivated in Christian Central Church (Tsuen Wan) in Hong Kong.

Rev Hung was very interested in science and technology. He obtained his PhD in Physics in 1998. His past career was mainly on R&D as well as management in the fields of electronic packaging and optical fiber technology.

In 2003, he was called to be a full-time minister and obtained his Master of Divinity from Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary in 2006. He then worked as a church pastor and school chaplain in United Christian Community Church/United Christian College (Kowloon East). He was ordained in 2009 and became a senior pastor in 2012. Rev Hung also served as an adjunct lecturer and instructor at the United Wesleyan Graduate Institute, Research Institute for Christian Education and Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary (distance learning).

Knowing the needs from oversea Chinese Churches, Rev Hung decided to serve in Australia in 2014.  He is now participating in Living Stone Evangelical Free Church of Australia (EFCA) as the pastor in charge of Cantonese Congregation. He is also the Vice Chairman of Fellowship of Evangelical Free Church of Australia (FEFCA) and the coordinator of Ministerial Standing Committee of FEFCA.

Rev Hung began to assist the Management Committee of First Light Care in 2020 and was elected the President in October 2021.




他於二ΟΟ三年蒙召獻身作傳道工作,二ΟΟ六年於香港浸信會神學院取得道學碩士學位。 畢業後在基督教匯基堂/匯基書院(東九龍)擔任傳道及校牧工作。二ΟΟ九年受按為牧師,二Ο一二年成為教會的堂主任。 洪牧師在香港牧會其間,也分別於衛道神學研究院、基督教教育研究院、香港浸信會神學院(遙距教育)擔任特約講師及導師。



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 Pastor Dr. Devin Yu 余大峰博士傳道

Devin moved to Sydney in 1983 with his parents when he was 16 years old. He came to accept Christ during Year 12 at Chinese Presbyterian Church which was his home church until 1993 when he and his wife Jin Jin relocated back to Hong Kong.  They attended Yan Fook Church while Devin continued his career as a practising solicitor.

In 2007, Devin returned to Sydney in response to God’s calling into full-time ministry. Upon completing his Master of Divinity at Sydney Missionary and Bible College, he began serving in the Cantonese congregation as a pastor at Evangelical Free Church of Australia (East Lindfield/Chatswood).  In 2018, after obtaining his PhD in the field of philosophical theology at Morling College (an affiliated college of the Australian College of Theology), Devin served as a full-time lecturer at Chinese Theological College Australia for three years, teaching church history, theology and philosophy. 

Devin is passionate about Christian education and believes that God calls all Christians, including all who are in full-time ministry in various fields, to be encouraging and supportive to one another in their faith journeys.  

Devin has also served voluntarily as a pastor at different churches as and when the need arises, including Chinese Presbyterian Church Burwood and Gordon Baptist Church. Devin is also an itinerant preacher, and he gives talks in Sunday School classes regularly across different denominations and independent local churches. 

Devin has been a member of the Management Committee of First Light Care since 2011 and was the President from October 2017 to October 2021. Currently he is the Vice-President.

Devin is now also the Chairperson of the Sub-Committee of the Pastors Renewal Ministry. 

Devin and Jin Jin have been married for 30 years and have two adult daughters who are both working and involved in Christian ministry.







余傳道已婚 30 年,兩名千金正肄業,並參與基督教事工。

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