About Us

First Light Care is (FLC) a non-profit community organisation established in 1997 by a group of Australian-Chinese Christian community leaders and professionals.

The vision of FLC is the development of an Australia in which people of all ages, in all their diversity, are enabled to develop and sustain safe, supportive and nurturing family relationships; minimising and preventing the physical, psychological, social, spiritual, and economic costs associated with harmful behaviour and disruption to mental health and family relationships.

FLC is a non-government-funded Harm Prevention Charity and relies on tax-deductible donations from the general public to maintain its services to the community.

What do we do?

First Light Care’s counselling and psychology services are provided by professional counsellors and psychologists in English, Cantonese or Mandarin. Free or subsidised low fee services are provided to individuals and families in need.

First Light Care also provides education and training programs for the community, viewing these as essential to working toward community awareness and prevention of harmful and abusive behaviours, as well as psychological, spiritual and family problems.

FLC has established and maintained a “Pastors Renewal Ministry” since 2015 to support pastors and their spouses in Australia to prevent burnout, depression and other harmful behaviours among pastors and the community.


First Light Care is committed to the Christian values of compassion and justice; advocating for human dignity; and respect for diversity and individuality.

We serve all people regardless of their racial, cultural and socio-economical backgrounds as well as their value or belief systems.

Our History

November 1997

Established as a non-profit community organisation

November 1997
April 1998

Sydney City Counselling Centre

Sydney Chinatown (April 1998 – December 2022)

April 1998
July 2006

Sydney West Counselling & Education Centre

Harris Park, NSW (July 2006 – April 2016)

July 2006
July 2008

Registered as a Harm Prevention Charity

July 2008
January 2015

Pastors Renewal Ministry

Established to support pastors and their spouses in Australia. 

January 2015
April 2016

West Ryde Counselling Centre

Herbert Street, West Ryde, NSW (April 2016 – October 2021)

April 2016
December 2021

Purchase of permanent premises at Anzac Ave, West Ryde

We received a generous donation specially dedicated to the purchase of a property for our ministry. After an extensive search, we acquired a property close to the railway station in December 2021.

December 2021
January 2023

New Centre

With generous donations from our supporters, the renovation of this new centre was completed in December 2022 and operations commenced in January 2023.

January 2023

Organisational Structure

Management Committee (2023- 2025)

President: Rev Dr KC Hung
Vice-President: Pastor Dr Devin Yu
Secretary: Carmen Ng
Treasurer: Mr Danny Sze
Member: Rev Joseph Fung
                Ms Holly Suen
                Mrs Annie Wong

Advisory Committee (2022-2024)

Chairman: Rev David Tse
Vice Chairman: Rev Canon David Wong
Advisor: Rev Constant Chow
                Rev David Zheng
                Rev John Yao
                Rev David Yung
                Rev Billy Lee
                Dr Felix Chan