Are you considering getting married or improving your marital relationship?

Pre-Marital/Marital Counselling Service (Special Package) 

This service can be provided to you and your partner by Dr Winnie Chan and Ms Evelene Ma of our team. They can help you and your partner evaluate and identify both strengths and weaknesses in your personalities and characters. 

Issues for discussion include family background, personality differences, unconscious expectations of one another and other possible stressors in life.  Communication and conflict resolution skills appropriate to your situation and needs will be explored. 

You will be on your way to a happy marriage well-equipped with all you learn from the counselling sessions.

The Prepare/Enrich program, one of the most widely-used resources for premarital/marital counselling and education, is used to assess and identify a couple’s strength and growth areas.

Languages: English, Cantonese and Mandarin

Fee: $600.00 (includes 6 hours of counselling and interpretation of results)

*The Prepare/Enrich on-line questionnaire assessment (with your payment of approximately $46 to be paid online) has to be completed by both of you prior to the commencement of the first counselling session.