Our services

What are Counselling and Psychology Services?

Our counselling and psychology services use evidence-based approaches to effectively relieve or treat different types of mental stress and distress caused by mental illnesses/disorders, family or interpersonal relationship problems, and other life issues.

Our counsellors and psychologists will design a personalised treatment plan according to your individual needs. We are experienced in treating mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety disorders, and relationship issues such as falling in love, improving marital relationship, or raising children. We can also provide guidance and support on other stressful life and mental health issues. 

How can counselling and psychology services help you?

If you are facing some problems that cause you distress, pressure or hopelessness, and affect your daily functioning, our counselling and psychology services may be beneficial to you.

Counselling and psychology services often help people increase self-awareness, examine problems from multiple angles, and can encourage helpful attitudes and coping methods. We found many clients experienced improved emotions and reduced unhelpful behaviours as a result of our services. Gradually, they managed their difficulties and got back on their feet.

Your contact with us and the information you give will be kept strictly confidential.

Common issues that we can help you with

  • Stress / Anxiety
  • Low Self Esteem / Emotional Distress / Depression
  • Child & Adolescent Emotional & Behavioural Issues
  • Other Mental Health/Illnesses, Psycho-social Issues 
  • Marital & Family Relationship / Parenting
  • Dating/Pre-Marital Counselling
  • Divorce & Separation/ Extra-marital Affairs
  • Domestic Violence
  • Interpersonal Relationship 
  • Schooling/Study Difficulties
  • Sexual Issues/Homosexuality
  • Grief & Loss / Bereavement
  • Self-Harm / Suicide
  • Addiction Problem (Computer/Internet/Gaming/Alcohol/Drug/Gambling)
  • Physical, Emotional, Financial & Sexual Abuse
  • Work / Employment
  • Adjustment Issues (Migration/Retirement/Serious Health Problem)
  • Carer Stress
  • Personal Growth
  • Life & Career Planning
  • Assessment (Personality/Career)

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