Counselling Fee 輔導收費

Counselling Fee 輔導收費


First Light Care is a non-profit charitable community service and is not supported by government funding. The standard fee is $200 per session (50-60 minutes). Fees charged for counselling are used to help maintain this service to the community. 

In order to help low income people and families, subsidised low fee counselling services are provided to needy individuals and families. If you have difficulty paying the standard fee, you may apply for subsidy by honestly declaring your family financial capability. The level of subsidy will be based on the combined incomes of all family members of the applicant. Counselling fees may therefore range from $100.00 to $200.00 per session.

In order to help us correctly assess the fee subsidy level, you may be asked to show supporting documents to verify your financial capability.



Notice of cancellation of counselling appointments must be given not less than 24 hours (or one working day on  weekends and public holiday periods). 
  • For those who fail to (1) attend the appointments or (2) give notice of cancellation at least 24 hours (or one working day on  weekends and public holiday periods), an administration fee  of $50 will be charged. 
  • 對於那些(1)不出席預約或(2)給予少於24小時的取消預約通知(或在週末及公眾假期期間一個工作日)的人仕,他們須要支付五十元的行政費費用。