Cherrie’s Sharing in FLC Newsletter March 2023

Dear brothers, sisters and friends,

Blessed New Year!

First Light Care (FLC) will celebrate its 25th anniversary this year. I am privileged to participate in the working committee planning this joyous event. As I was looking through the old photos, learning the FLC milestones and hearing many stories Gerald shared with me, I was amazed by how God brought this ministry alive. He has sustained it rain and shine for not a few years but a quarter of a century!

This year, there are many things we are grateful for.  Firstly, we have Dr Yixin Jiang Xu joining us as a new therapist. She is a familiar face in our First Light Care family. Over the past few years, she has been running educational seminars and reading groups to equip new parents with skills and knowledge. We are encouraged to see Yixin continuing her Clinical Psychology Master’s program in the midst of her busyness looking after her young daughter.

Secondly, Evelene, Jason and I will take turns regularly creating new content on our social media platforms. In this way, we hope to keep pace with the times and reach out to the younger generation, new migrants and netizens.  Please keep us in your prayers as we venture out of our comfort zones, as none of us is tech-savvy.

Thirdly, I would like to share that I am deeply grateful to receive an offer to study in a Clinical Psychology Master’s program this year. With God’s help, I believe this will equip me to be a better therapist. I will continue working at First Light Care in individual therapy and educational seminars throughout this year. Also, I will try a new way to run seminars via on-demand settings, allowing participants to access the content at their own time in a designated month.   

Last but not least, we are grateful that our new centre in West Ryde is now ready for operation. If you get a chance to visit our newly renovated centre and our soon-to-be-released new website, you will notice quite a few updates and upgrades. Despite all the efforts and changes to make this ministry more effective and efficient, something never changes. You got it! That’s our Vision – to walk alongside, comfort and strengthen individuals and families with the love of Christ in a professional counselling setting.  We pray that God will use this caring ministry to channel His love, care, wisdom, healing and comfort in the community.

Thank you so much for your support in partnering with us in this ministry! May our God’s love, joy and peace dwell in your hearts through faith in this new year. 


Registered Psychologist