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2021 December Newsletter Highlight

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  1. 會長報告2020-2021 President’s Report 2020-2021

  2. 新輔導中心裝修費用代禱和支持 Special Prayer and Finanical Support for New Counselling Centre

  3. 感恩及代禱 Thanksgiving & Prayer

  4. 粵語研討會 Cantonese Seminars

  5. 英語研討會 English Seminars

  6. 国语研討會及父母成长课程


會長報告2020-2021 余大峰博士



「信就是對所盼望之事有把握,對未見之事有確據。...... 沒有信,就不能討 神的喜悅,因為到 神面前來的人必須信有 神,並且信祂會賞賜尋求祂的人。」 希伯來書 11: 1, 6


根據晨光章程規定,會長任期最長為四年,因此,這是我第四份及最後一份的報告。晨光給了我許多學習的機會,有幸與一班有共同使命、無私和勤奮服務的弟兄姊妹共事, 我實在感恩。生命起起落落是不可避免的,事工如是,基督徒的生活如是,晨光事工也無異。


我們去年曾收到一筆慷慨的捐款,經過祈禱後,管理委員會通過同意利用這筆捐款在設立長期辦公室之用,以穩定事工發展。我現在興奮地告訴大家:我們於9月 9 日成功購買了West Ryde, Anzac Ave, 99-101 號3號店鋪作為晨光永久會址! 感謝主的供應,並懇切地感謝各位慷慨解囊。儘管在疫情肆虐的情況下,這夢想竟成為事實, 確實是一個奇蹟啊!這亦都提醒了晨光同工們 ,我們多麼蒙福,有幸參與並見證上帝在這個世界上的工作,我們不只是憑眼見, 而是繼續憑信心服侍。事實上,我還有一個夢想:讓我們所服務的人們都因為晨光的工作,信仰得以更新,信心更趨堅固。


輔導方面,今年服務個案共 263 宗。教牧更新事工 (PRM) 共服務了 29 位牧師、傳道人、神學生及其配偶。我們繼續為澳洲華人教牧神學院學生提供性格測試。

教牧更新事工(PRM) 已進入第六個年頭,感謝馮若瑟牧師和馮陳念恩博士專心致意地牽頭帶領,幾年來服務了數百人之多。為使事工發揚光大,我們成立了一小組委員會,由擁有相同異像又積極投身的牧師組成:洪國智博士牧師 (副主席)、馮若瑟牧師、梁錦洪牧師、杜偉雄牧師,我會擔任主席一職。在此感謝馮陳念恩博士持續的參與。




1. 透過COVID-19 疫情叫人們靈性甦醒過來;

2. 持續運作有聖靈加持的在線輔導服務和教育課程;

3. 新辦公室裝修順利和安全搬遷;

4. 同工患癌家屬的健康,懇求上主安慰和醫治;

5. 更多牧者,尤其是女牧者,加入我們的教牧更新事工;

6. 繼續提供營運經費、義工和祈禱勇士。


President’s Report 2020-2021 Dr Devin Yu


Live and Serve by Faith 

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see…And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.” (Heb 11:1, 6, NIV)

Time flies.

This will be my fourth and last President’s Report, according to the maximum of 4-year presidential term prescribed in FLC’s constitution. I thank God for the many learning opportunities at FLC and for a team who serve so selflessly and diligently for the same vision. As with many other ministries as well as in our Christian lives, ups and downs are inevitable. The same goes with our ministry.

The continuous threat of COVID-19 means that we all have to adjust to a new normal. Just as we and our clients are getting used to this new normal of delivering counselling and educational services by zoom or over-the-phone, we are met with another challenge which is much closer to home.  The husband of one of our counsellors has been diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer a couple of months ago and we have all been praying for God’s mercy, comfort, and healing power upon their family.

  Last year, we reported our receipt of a very generous donation. After much prayer, the Management Committee agreed to secure our own office, for ongoing stability.  This year, I am excited to report and to give thanks to our Lord for His provision and our successful acquisition and settlement of our office premises at Shop 3, 99-101 Anzac Ave, West Ryde on 9 Sept. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our donors, big or small, for making this possible, despite the COVID situation. It was truly a miracle and it reminds us all at FLC that we are blessed and privileged to participate in and witness God’s work in this world, and that we shall continue to serve by faith, not by sight. In fact, it is also my dream that those whom we serve may have their faith renewed or deepened as a result of our work here at FLC.

Ministry Update

This year, we have served a total of 263 counselling clients and our Pastors Renewal Ministry (PRM) has served a total of 29 pastors, missionaries, theological students, and their spouses. We also continue to partner with the Chinese Theological College Australia in providing personality tests to interested students.

Our PRM is in its 6th year, and we thank Rev. Joseph Fung and Dr. Nancy Fung for spearheading this ministry dedicatedly, serving hundreds of individuals and couples in its initial years. To continue and expand the scope of this ministry, a PRM sub-committee has been formed, comprised of dedicated pastors who share the same vision: Rev. Dr. KC Hung (Vice Chair), Rev. Joseph Fung, Rev. Timothy Leung, Rev. Dennis To, and myself as the Chair. We also thank Nancy for her continued involvement.

Lastly, I thank the Advisory Committee, the Management Committee, staff, volunteers, and everyone who has been supporting the FLC ministry in the past year through prayers, donations, voluntary work, or referrals.

Looking Ahead

We humbly pray for:

1. a world-wide spiritual awakening amid this COVID-19 epidemic;

2. continued Spirit-empowered online counselling and educational sessions;

3. a smooth renovation of and safe relocation to our new office;

4. healing and comfort of the cancer-suffering family of our colleague;

5. more pastors, particularly female pastors, to join our PRM; and

6. the continued provision of operational expenses, volunteers and prayer warriors.


Please prayerfully support raising funds for renovation of our new counselling centre


在捐獻者的幫助而設立的建築基金下,我們為晨光能購買在靠近West Ryde火車站的一個房產而感恩。我們感謝上帝的供應和捐獻者的慷慨,幫助減少我們長期的租金支出。

請為新物業的裝修經濟需要 (約十萬元) 禱告,該物業將成為我們永久的輔導中心,讓我們在未來的歲月服務社區。

懇請您支持與幫助我們裝修經濟的需要,您可以使用信用卡通過電話作出一個可扣稅的捐款,請致電(02)9211 9988。


We are thankful that First Light Care has purchased a property in West Ryde close to the railway station, using the building fund set up with help from donors. We are thankful for God’s provision in this and the generosity of donors that will help reduce our long term rental expense!

Please pray for raising finances (about $100,000) for renovation of the new property that will become our permanent counselling centre from which our ministry will continue to serve the community in the years ahead.

We sincerely ask you to please support and help with our renovation expenses, you may use a credit card to make a tax-deductible donation by calling us on (02) 9211 9998.

You may also download and use the donation form on First Light Care‘s website (https://www.firstlightcare.org.au/supportus#donations) to arrange other payment methods. Thank you for your support!


感恩及代禱 Thanksgiving & Prayer


1. Give thanks for the election of Rev Dr KC Hung and other members of the new Management Committee at the Annual General Meeting on 30-10-2021. Please pray that they will lead effectively and develop the ministry in the next two years to better serve the community.

Management Committee (2021-2023):

President:              Rev Dr KC Hung

Vice-President:     Pastor Dr Devin Yu

Secretary:              Mrs Annie Wong

Treasurer: Mr Danny Sze

Member: Rev Joseph Fung

Member: Ms Lillian Shek

2. Please pray for the team of experienced pastors who serve on the Pastors Renewal Ministry (PRM) as they develop this important ministry to support the serving pastors in Australia.                                           PRM members include: Pastor Dr Devin Yu, Rev Dr KC Hung, Rev Joseph Fung, Dr Nancy Fung, Rev Timothy Leung and Rev Dennis To. (Please  browse: https://www.firstlightcare.org.au/pastors-renewal-ministry)

3. Please pray for our counsellor Dr Winnie Chan and her family as she cares for her husband who is receiving cancer treatment. May God’s healing be upon her husband! 

1. 為在今年10月30日晨光會員大會選出洪國智博士牧師和其他委員組成的新一屆管理委員會而感恩,請為他們在未來兩年能有効帶領和發展晨光的事工去更好服侍社群而禱告。

管理委員會 (2021-2023)成員:

會長: 洪國智博士牧師

副會長:  余大峰博士傳道

秘書:  黃梁婉儀

財政:  史俊才

委員: 馮約瑟牧師

委員: 石致雯               

2. 請為教牧更新事工的教牧團隊禱告。團隊成員包括: 余大峰博士傳道,洪國智博士牧師,馮約瑟牧師,馮陳念恩博士師母,梁錦洪牧師與杜偉雄牧師。
他們正在發展這個重要的事工,以支持澳大利亞的在職服事的牧師們。(請瀏覽: https://www.firstlightcare.org.au/pastors-renewal-ministry)

3. 請為我們的輔導同工陳謝麗婷博士和她的家人禱告,因為她現時照顧正在接受癌症治療的丈夫。願上帝醫治他!


Cantonese Seminars 粵語研討會


1.  如何培養有積極動力的生活態度 How to Develop a Motivating Lifestyle 
2022-02-16 如何培養有積極動力的生活態度 How to Develop a Motivating Lifestyle - Web.jpg
  Click here for details and to register.         

2. 適當的稱讚: 建立孩子的自信心 Building up your Child’s Self-Confidence – How and When to Praise
適當的稱讚 建立孩子的自信心 - Web.jpg
  Click here for details and to register.     

 3. 從基督徒的角度經歷悲傷和失落 Journeying through Grief and Loss from a Christian Perspective
從基督徒的角度經歷悲傷和失落 Journeying Through Grief and Loss  From a Christian Perspective - Web.jpg
  Click here for details and to register.        
4. 甚麼是強迫症 (OCD)? What is “OCD” – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
甚麼是強迫症 (OCD)  What is “OCD” – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (750 x 536 px).jpg

  Click here for details and to register. 


English Seminars 英語研討會

1. What is the Most Effective Parenting Style?
What is the Most Effective Parenting Style - Web.jpg
  Click here for details and to register.     
2. Healthy Screen Time for Young Children (0 - 5 years)
2022-03-19 Healthy Screen Time for Young Children (0 - 5 years)-Web.jpg
  Click here for details and to register.     

Mandarin Seminars 国语研討會


1. 保護兒童 Child Protection
保護兒童 Child Protection (750 x 536 px).jpg
  Click here for details and to register.     


2. 2022国语父母成长课程《新手父母》
2022国语父母成长课程《新手父母》 (750 x 536 px).jpg
Click here for details and to register.