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September Newsletter Highlight

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  1. 中心總監的話 A Word from Centre Director

  2. 感恩及代禱 Thanksgiving & Prayer

  3. 研討會 Seminars

  4. 晨光國語父母成长课程 2018  Mandarin Parenting Course

  5. 晨光粵語課程 2019 First Light Care Cantonese Courses 2019


中心總監的話 A Word from Centre Director



「信就是對所盼望之事有把握,對未見之事有確據。」(希伯來書 11: 1)


晨光蒙上帝祝福, 過去二十年事工發展超越我們所想所求,將來如何, 誰可保證? 我們惟信靠上帝,在未來二十年及以後,繼續服事社群,成全祂的旨意。最近,一位SBS「晨光再現」的長期聽眾,專程由堪培拉即日開車往返悉尼,來參加我們舉辦的研討會。可見,無論是悉尼或別省, 大眾對晨光服務的需求有增無減。

我們祈求上帝感動更多人士加入晨光,參與服事社群,不論在靈性上、專業上及財政上奉獻己力,以祈求祂的國和祂的義為首任,服務社會各個階層。此刻,請你們代禱,求主呼召適合人士,加入我們的輔導組及教牧更新事工組。新一代工人加入這個事工時,他們將會親身目睹神的愛、安慰、憐憫和恩典如何透過他們的服事惠及大眾 – 正如我們於過去二十年來的經歷一般!事實上,昔日經驗告訴我們,當工人服事,祝福別人之際,自己同時蒙福,並在信望愛中建立和更新生命。

「所以,我親愛的弟兄們,你們務要堅固,不可動搖,常常竭力多做主工,因為你們知道,你們在主裡的勞苦不是徒然的。」 (哥林多前書 15:58)






張有倫 (Ellen Lam 譯)



Dear brothers, sisters and friends,

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”  (Hebrews 11:1) 

A lot can happen in a year! At this time last year I had to have a spinal surgery to tame disabling and excruciating sciatica pain. Thankfully the pain went away immediately after the surgery. My recovery has been good and steady even though there is still a lingering problem of nerve irritation in my legs. I’m very appreciative that I’ve been able to gradually regain the ability to live my life more like before, helped by my new found discipline of daily exercise.

I shall continue to make every effort to maximize my recovery to allow me to do what God calls me to do and to enjoy with a thankful heart what I have been graciously given in this life, especially at this time of the imminent arrival of my fifth grandchild.    

My decision to accept a major surgery, which is not risk free, was very much an act of putting a great deal of confidence in my surgeon to resolve my serious health problem. I hoped for a good result but had no assurance about how exactly the surgery would turn out. I asked God for his mercy and to take care of the surgery for me. By His grace, the result is what I had hoped for. For that I thank God.

As for First Light Care, what God has done for and through the ministry has been much greater than what we have hoped for, every year for the past 20 years. As to what the future holds for the ministry from here on, we, humanly speaking, can have no guarantee about that. We can only put our faith in God that He will help us to continue to serve the community according to His will in the next 20 years and beyond.  

Recently, a regular listener of First Light Care’s five years long program on SBS Radio made a one-day round trip from Canberra to attend one of our evening seminars in Sydney. This is a good example to help us see that the need for the kind of services that First Light Care provides to the community has not diminished but increased, in Sydney and beyond.

We ask the Lord to send us workers and supporters, for every level and every part of the ministry, who are willing and committed to serving Him and the community with their precious spiritual, professional and financial gifts. We pray and trust that His chosen workers will hear and respond to His calling, at the time of His choosing, to follow Him and to seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness.

At this particular time, we ask you to join us in prayer to the Lord for calling the appropriate workers to join the counselling team and the Pastors Renewal Ministry, in His good time.

We pray and hope for the new generation of workers who join the different part of this ministry that they will see with their own eyes, the wonders of how the love, comfort, mercy and grace of God flow through them to the people they come to serve, as we have personally experienced in the past 20 years.  Indeed, because of our own experience we are confident that their own lives will also be blessed as they bring many people His blessings and renewal of lives with faith, hope and love in Him.

May we all be encouraged by these words: 1) Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.” (1 Corinthians 15:58) and 2) let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)  

Blessings & Grace to you!

Gerald Cheung

Centre Director



感恩及代禱 Thanksgiving & Prayer


  1. 感謝在六月份時許多捐獻的朋友,幫助晨光渡過2017/18財政年度。
    We are thankful for the great support from many donors in June that has helped us at the end of the last financial year.
  2. 我們感謝馬麗雯女士在過去七年的忠心服侍, 她通過行政服務為晨光的事工作出了重大貢獻。我們感謝她在六月離職後繼續支持晨光的事工。 願上帝繼續祝福她的人生旅程!
    We are thankful for the faithful service of Ms Wylie Ma who has made a significant contribution to the ministry through her administrative service in the past seven years.We are thankful she continues to support the ministry after she left the ministry in June. May God continue to bless her in her new life journey!
  3. 請祈求神呼召能操流利普通話的合適同工加入輔導團隊服事。
    Please pray for appropriate bilingual workers who are fluent in Mandarin to be called to join and serve on the counselling team.
  4. 請祈求神呼召合適的同工加入教牧更生事工服事。
    Please pray for appropriate workers to be called to join and serve on the Pastors Renewal Ministry.
  5. 請為在今年10月舉行的晨光會員大會選舉新一屆顧問委員會一事代禱。
    Please pray for the election of a new Advisory Committee in the Annual General Meeting to be held in October this year.



研討會 Seminars


1. 大學學習秘訣 Tips for University Study
  • 如何有效地在大學學習How to Study Effectively in University
  • 減少學習壓力的方法Ways to reduce stress from study

講員Speaker:      Danny Sze
                           (General Manager of an in-house strategy team of an ASX20-listed company)
日期Date:             4/10/2018 (Friday)                                              
時間Time:            7:30pm - 9:30pm
地點Venue :         Shop 1, 34-36 Herbert St, West Ryde  NSW
*座位有限,須預先報名。免費入場  自由奉獻   
Seats limited. Please fill in online booking form to register.
2. 妻子應有的美德 The Virtues That A Wife Should Have


講員 Speaker:      馮陳念恩博士Dr Nancy Fung
                            (Senior Counsellor, Chaplain, Moore College)
日期Date :          1/11/2018   (Thursday)      
時間 Time :         7:30pm - 9:30pm
地點Venue :       Shop 1, 34-36 Herbert St, West Ryde  NSW

*座位有限,須預先報名。免費入場  自由奉獻   
Seats limited. Please fill in online booking form to register.


3. 如何預防電子遊戲成癮 How To Prevent Video Game Addiction
  • 在那些情況下是一個問題 When is it a problem
  • 預防方法 Ways to prevent
講員 Speaker:      張有倫Gerald Cheung  (Centre Director)
日期Date :          6/12/2018  ( Thursday)      
時間 Time :         7:30pm - 9:30pm
地點Venue :       Shop 1, 34-36 Herbert St, West Ryde  NSW


*座位有限,須預先報名。免費入場  自由奉獻   
Seats limited. Please fill in online booking form to register.


晨光國語父母成长课程 2018  Mandarin Parenting Course

讲员Speaker:           宋晓玲Joy Song

  • 社会工作硕士(新加坡国立大学)
  • 拥有丰富的儿童情绪与行为训练和亲子教育及婚姻教育经验


时间Time:     10:30am – 1:00pm 
地点Venue:  Shop 1, 34-36 Herbert St, West Ryde NSW
费用Fee:       $200 / 每學期Each Term 
*座位有限, 报名从速。Seats limited. Please register early. 

*报名表按此下载  Please click here to download registration form.


晨光粵語課程 2019 First Light Care Cantonese Courses 2019

課程 1. 裝備自己,指導别人 Become More Equipped To Mentor




課程日期: 2019年2月至11月

費用:自由奉獻 - 可扣稅 (給予“First Light Care Fund”)


地點9/1 McLaren Street, North Sydney 2060




課程 2. 學習帶領轉化生命的查經 Learn To Lead Bible Studies That Transform People’s Lives




課程日期: 2019年2月至11月

費用:自由奉獻 - 可扣稅 (給予“First Light Care Fund”)


地點9/1 McLaren Street, North Sydney 2060