24 Hour Telephone Emergency Services 24小時電話緊急服務


Translating and Interpreting Service 翻譯及傳譯服務

  • 131 450 (24 hours)
  • *If you need a free telephone interpreter to help you to contact an emergency service, you can call 131 450 and ask the "Translating and Interpreting Service" to connect you to the service of your choice. *如果你需要一個免費的電話翻譯員幫助您聯絡緊急服務,您可以撥打 131 450,並要求 “翻譯及傳譯服務” 為您連接到您選擇的服務。


Police & Ambulance 警察和救護車

  • Call 000 in an emergency.   緊急情况時,撥打 000。


Domestic Violence Line 家庭暴力熱線

  • 1800 65 64 63     (NSW State-wide free call 新州免費電話)
  • (TTY 1800 671 442)
  • A counselling and referral service run by specially trained professionals for people experiencing or escaping violence from a partner or ex-partner. The service also provides information on applying for an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order.


Safer  htttp://

A resource to help Australian churches understand, identify, and respond to domestic and family violence.


NSW Mental Health Line 

  • 1800 011 511 
  • Access line for community mental health services.


Child Abuse Prevention Service 預防兒童虐待服務

  • 1800 688 009 (State-wide free call 新州免費電話)
  • Provides counselling services for children and families who have experienced domestic and family violence. Support is also available to people who are abusing, or are at risk of abusing children.


Parent Line NSW 新州父母熱線

  • 1300 130 052
  • Provides counselling, information and referral services for parents and carers of children between 0 and 18 years of age in NSW.


Lifeline 生命熱線

  • 131 114
  • Provides free telephone counselling and information to people under stress or in a crisis situation.


Salvation Army Care Line 救世軍關顧熱線

  • 1300 36 36 22
  • A free telephone counselling and information service to help people in times of crisis.


Salvo Care Line - Youth Line and Crisis Intervention 救世軍關顧熱線 - 青少年緊急服務

  • 8736 3293
  • Provides a counselling and information service for young people. Parents can also call this service to get help for their child who is experiencing a difficulty.


Kids Helpline 兒童協助熱線

  • 1800 551 800 (NSW State-wide free call 新州免費電話)
  • Provides a confidential and anonymous telephone and online counselling service specifically for young people between 5 and 18 years of age.


NSW Rape Crisis Line 新州

  • 1800 424 017 (NSW State-wide free call 新州免費電話)
  • Provides counselling and information services, and telephone crisis, support and referral service.


Family & Parenting Services

Relationships Australia


Tresillian Parent Helpline   

The 139 Collective (for Christian Parents of Children with a Disability)


Mental Health Services


NSW Mental health Line 
1800 011 511
Access line for community mental health services

H2H - Hospital to Home 
- provides support for people living with mental illness and those who have self-harmed or attempted suicide for up to 12 weeks following discharge from hospital.

Mental Health Crisis Services :

Beyond Blue

Black Dog Institute  

Transcultural Mental Health Centre

SANE Helpline

Mental Health Association’s Information Service

Australian Association for Infant Mental Health

Australia’s Youth Mental Health Foundation: Help for youth with mental health problems 

Reachout! Mental health support network for youth

Mental Health Carers NSW (former ARAFMI - Association for Relatives and Friends of the Mentally Ill)

One Door Mental Health (former Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW)


Multicultural Services


Health Resources in Chinese

Multilingual Disability Hub

Children & Youth Services

Kids Help Line (ages 5 to 25)

Playgroup Association

Westmead Children’s Hospital

Hong Kong Breakthrough


Government Services

Sexual Abuse / Victims of Crime

Legal Aid


Department of Housing

Family Court of Australia

NSW Department of Community Services


Non-government Organisations


Salvation Army Care Line

St Vincent de Paul

Centacare Catholic Community Services


Men’s Services




Sydney Chinese Christian Churches Association

Speech pathology and occupational therapy services- children and adults 兒童和成人言語病理學和職業治療服務


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