Counselling 輔導

Professional Counselling 專業輔導

Our services are provided by professional counsellors who speak both English and Chinese (Cantonese & Mandarin) and understand the cultural issues of the Australian and Chinese communities.

All counsellors have professional qualifications in psychology, family therapy or counselling.

First Light Care is able to help you or your family to deal with many different issues that may otherwise lead to tension or relationship breakdown. FLC counsellors are experienced professionals who will listen to your concerns and assist you to work things out. Your contact with us and the information you give will be kept strictly confidential. We make sure your needs are fully understood and that we are the best people to help you. We will let you know if you can be better helped by another service. We can see you on your own or together with your family.

我們的輔導服務是由明白澳洲華人文化操雙語 (粵話/國語/英語) 經驗豐富的專業輔導員提供。



Counselling Service 輔導服務


*Counselling service is provided by appointments only. 輔導服務須要預約時間

Professional counselling service provided by experienced bilingual counsellors:


  • Marital & Family Relationship / Parenting 婚姻/家庭關係/教養子女
  • Pre-Marital/Marital Relationship Assessment & Counselling special package 婚前/婚姻關係評估與輔導特別優惠    (Please click here for further details)
  • Child & Adolescent Issues 兒童及青少年問題
  • Schooling Difficulties 在學困難
  • Relationships / Sexuality / Sexual Issues 人際關係/性取向/性問題
  • Grief & Loss / Stress / Anxiety 哀傷/壓力/焦慮
  • Self Esteem / Depression 自尊/抑鬱
  • Self Harm / Suicide 自殘/自殺
  • Substance Abuse  / Harmful Gambling 物質濫用/傷害牲的賭博
  • Domestic Violence 家庭暴力
  • Physical, Emotional & Sexual Abuse 身髅、精神與牲虐待
  • Other Mental Health, Psycho-social Issues  其它精神健康、人際心理問題


Counselling service is provided (by appointments only) from our two counselling centres:

輔導服務 (須要預約時間) 在我們以下兩個輔導中心提供:


Enquiry & Counselling Appointment 查詢及輔導約見:

Please phone us on (+61 2) 9211 9988 between 10:30am and 4:00pm Monday to Friday for more information or to make an appointment.

請於 星期一至星期五 上午十時三十分至下午四時 致電 (+61 2) 9211 9988。

Email 電郵:


Counselling Fee 輔導收費

First Light Care is a non-profit charitable community service and is not supported by government funding.  Fees charged for counselling are used to help maintain this service to the community. 

In order to help low income people and families, subsidised low fee counselling services are provided to needy individuals and families. If you have difficulty paying the standard fee, you may apply for subsidy by honestly declaring your family financial capability. The level of subsidy will be based on the combined incomes of all family members of the applicant. 

In order to help us correctly assess the fee subsidy level, you may be asked to show supporting documents to verify your financial capability.



Notice of cancellation of counselling appointments must be given not less than 24 hours (or one working day on  weekends and public holiday periods). 
  • For those who fail to (1) attend the appointments or (2) give notice of cancellation at least 24 hours (or one working day on  weekends and public holiday periods), an administration fee  of $50 will be charged. 
  • 對於那些(1)不出席預約或(2)給予少於24小時的取消預約通知(或在週末及公眾假期期間一個工作日)的人仕,他們須要支付五十元的行政費費用。


Counsellors 輔導團隊


Mr Gerald Cheung 張有倫先生

Centre Director 輔導中心總監

  • Master of Couple & Family Therapy (UNSW)
  • Bachelor of Health Science 
  • Associate Member, Australian Association of Family Therapists
  • Member, Australian & New Zealand Association of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law


Counselling individuals, couples and families on :


Languages 言語: Cantonese/Mandarin/English 粵語/國語/英語

Counselling service - Skype (video calls) 輔導服務 - Skype 視頻通話

Gerald can provide counselling services to individuals, couples and families via Skype (video calls) to serve non-Medicare clients, inside and outside Australia.

You may choose to speak to Gerald from your own home/location if you have access to the internet and the use of a computer or a tablet or a smart phone for Skype video calls. It may incur phone or data costs.

張先生可以通過Skype視頻通話,為澳洲內外人仕提供個人, 婚姻及家庭輔導服務給非澳洲政府醫保(non-Medicare)客戶。



Ms Evelene Choi Chi MA 馬在慈女士

Clinical Psychologist  臨床心理學家

  • Member, Australian Clinical Psychology Association
  • Master of Clinical Psychology 
  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) (Hons)
  • Master of Engineering Science
  • Bachelor of Computer Engineering (Hons)

Counselling individuals and families on :

  • mental health issues 精神健康問題
  • cross-cultural issues 跨越文化問題
  • social or emotional distress 社交或情緒困擾
  • relationship issues 關係問題
  • parenting and family issues 教養子女/親子/ 家庭關係

Languages 言語: Cantonese/Mandarin/English 粵語/國語/英語

Counselling Service - Special Concession - Skype Calls                                                         

Ms Evelene Choi Chi MA (Clinical Psychologist)  

Evelene is at present based overseas but continues to provide clinical psychological and counselling services via Skype calls to fee-paying non-Medicare clients, inside and outside Australia.

Special Concession: Counselling fees for the first two sessions will be charged at a special rate of $55 per session, until further notice.

You may speak to Evelene from your own home/location if you have access to the internet and the use of a computer or a tablet or a smart phone for Skype calls. It may incur phone or data costs.

For enquiry and appointments, please call (02) 9211 9988.

輔導服務 - 特別優惠 -  Skype 通話

馬在慈女士 (臨床心理學家)

馬女士現時暫居海外,但仍可以通過Skype通話,為非澳洲政府醫保 (non-Medicare) 付費人仕,提供臨床心理和輔導服務。

特別優惠: 首兩節輔導費,每節只須付$55.00,直至另行通告。


查詢及約見,請電 (02) 9211 9988。

Pastors Renewal Ministry 教牧更新事工

Counselling Service 輔導服務


Counselling pastors, theological students and their spouses on 輔導牧者、神學生與他們的配偶 :

  • relationships issues 關係問題
  • mental health issues 精神健康問題
  • pre-marital issues 婚前問題
  • marital and family issues 婚姻舆家庭問題
  • pastoral care needs 教牧關顧需要
  • aged care needs 老年護理需要


Dr Nancy Fung 馮陳念恩博士

Senior Counsellor 資深輔導員

  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Master of Arts in Christian Counselling
  • Credentialled Mental Health Nurse
  • Graduate Diploma in Mental Health Nursing
  • Registered Nurse
  • Bachelor of Theology
  • Diploma of Ministry
  • Master of Nursing Administration
  • Associate Diploma of Clinical Nursing Science (Gerontology)
  • Master of Arts (Education)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Education)


Language 言語:  Cantonese / Mandarin / English 粵語 / 國語 / 英語

Service Fee 

  • Free of charge to pastors, theological students and their spouses.
  • Donation will be appreciated (Donation of $2.00 or over to “First Light Care Fund” is tax-deductible)
Location of Service  
  • At appropriate premises/venues that will protect confidentiality.
  • Will be advised on making an appointment with Nancy. 
For Counselling Appointment or Enquiry
Mail:   Pastors Renewal Ministry, First Light Care 

          PO Box 329, West Ryde NSW 1685, Australia