About Us 關於晨光

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History of FLC  晨光歷史

  • A non-profit community organisation established in 1997.
  • Founded and managed by a group of Australian-Chinese Christian community leaders and professionals (in counselling, pastoral care, management, law, accounting and others) who care deeply about the well-being of Australian and Chinese families.
  • Sydney City Counselling Centre opened in Sydney Chinatown in April 1998.
  • Sydney West Counselling & Education Centre opened in Harris Park in July 2006 and relocated to West Ryde in April 2016.
  • First Light Care is not a government-funded organisation and relies on donations from individuals, churches and other community groups to maintain its services to the community. A large number of volunteers provide valuable support to the professional staff in the delivery of services. 
  • The Australian Federal Government approved the entry of First Light Care to the Register of Harm Prevention Charitable Institutions on 10 July 2008. The public Fund, First Light Care Fund, is eligible to receive tax-deductible donations. 
  • A Full Member of Family & Relationship Services Australia.(https://frsa.org.au/member-directory/?pg=4)


  • 晨光關懷協會是由一群澳洲華人基督徒社群領袖及專業人士始創於一九九七年的非牟利機構。
  • 1998年4月悉尼區輔導中心
  • 2016年4月悉尼西區輔導中心從 Harris Park 遷往 West Ryde
  • 晨光不是一個政府資助的機構經費主要靠來自個人,教會和其他社會團體的捐款支持,以保持其社會服務。更有大批義工提供寶貴的支持協助專業的工作人員提供服務。
  • 2008年7月10日澳洲聯邦政府批准晨光註冊成為一個防止傷害慈善機構。公眾給與晨光關懷基金的捐款可享有扣減稅項的優惠。
  • 澳洲家庭及關係服務的正式成員。(https://frsa.org.au/member-directory/?pg=4)


What do we do? 晨光事工

First Light Care strives to promote better interpersonal relationships, personal development, marital growth and healthy family lives in the community through professional counselling, education and training.
The vision of First Light Care is the development of an Australia in which people of all ages, in all their diversity, are enabled to develop and sustain safe, supportive and nurturing family relationships; minimising and preventing the physical, psychological, social, spiritual, and economic costs associated with harmful behaviour and disruption to family relationships.

First Light Care’s counselling services are provided by professional counsellors. Free or subsidised low fee counselling services are provided to needy individuals and families. The types of cases encountered vary in the range of harmful and abusive behavioural issues many of which have the potential to become greater problems affecting other people in the wider community if they are left unaddressed.

First Light Care also provides education and training programs for the community; viewing these as essential to working toward community awareness and prevention of harmful and abusive behaviours. 







Values 價值觀

First Light Care is committed to the Christian values of compassion and justice; advocating for human dignity; and respect for diversity and individuality.
We serve all people regardless of their racial, cultural and socio-economical backgrounds as well as their value or belief systems.


 1. 奉行基督教的慈惠及公義;                         
 2. 倡議人類尊嚴;
 3. 尊重個體化及各人的差異。

Management Committee 管理委員會 (2021 - 2023)

  • President 會長:

       Rev Dr KC Hung 洪國智博士牧師

  • Vice-President 副會長: 

       Pastor Dr Devin Yu 余大峰博士傳道

  • Secretary 秘書:  

      Mrs Annie Wong 黃梁婉儀

  • Treasurer 財政: 

      Mr Danny Sze 史俊才

  • Member 委員:

      Rev Joseph Fung 馮約瑟牧師

  • Member 委員:

      Ms Lillian Shek 石致雯               

Advisory Committee 顧問委員會 (2022-2024)

  • Chairman 主席:  Rev David Tse (謝友德牧師)
  • Vice Chairman 副主席: Rev David Wong (黄偉華牧師)
  • Advisor 顧問:  Rev Constant Chow (周振成牧師)
  • Advisor 顧問:  Rev David Zheng (鄭鷗牧師)
  • Advisor 顧問: Rev John Yao (姚正魁牧師)
  • Advisor 顧問: Rev David Yung (翁沛偉牧師)
  • Advisor 顧問: Rev Billy Lee (李德文牧師)
  • Advisor 顧問: Dr Felix Chan (陳國熹醫生)

Professional Team 專業團隊


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 President's Reports 會長報告