Pre-Marital/Marital Relationship Assessment & Counselling 婚前/婚姻關係評估與輔導




婚前/婚姻關係 評估與輔導 特別優惠服務


這項服務我們輔導團隊的張有倫先生陳謝麗婷博士為您和您的伴侶提供。 他們都有豐富的婚姻家庭輔導經驗,幫助你和你的伴侶評估並認識你們兩人的人品和性格上的强弱之處。



婚前/婚後(Prepare/Enrich) 評估 多年來廣受婚姻輔導機構所採用。

言語:   粵語/國語/英語   

費用:   $600.00 (包括46小時輔導約見

             (再另加自費約 $46 的 “Prepare/Enrich” 婚前婚姻關係網上在線評估)

請致電(02)9211-9988 了解詳情或安排約見。


Are you considering getting married or improving your marital relationship?


 Premarital/Marital Relationship Assessment and Counselling Service (special package) 


This service can be provided to you and your partner by Mr Gerald Cheung or Dr Winnie Chan of our counselling team. They both have rich experience in marriage and family counselling. They can specially help you and your partner evaluate and identify both strengths and weaknesses in your personalities and characters. 

Issues for discussion include family of origin, personality differences, unconscious expectations of one another and other possible stressors in life.  Communication and conflict resolution skills appropriate to your situation and needs will be explored. 

You will be on your way to a happy marriage well-equipped with all you learn from the counselling sessions.

The Prepare/Enrich program*, one of the most widely-used resources for premarital counselling and education, is used to assess and identify a couple’s strength and growth areas.

Languages: Counselling can be conducted in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Fee: $600.00 (includes up to 4 to 6 hours of counselling )

*The Prepare/Enrich on-line questionnaire assessment (with your payment of approximately $46 to be paid online) has to be completed by both of you prior to the commencement of the first counselling session.

*Please call (02) 9211-9988 for appointment.