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Parenting Babies and Toddlers Facebook Group


Parenting in the early years can be exhausting, overwhelming, and lonely. We are developing parenting resources in English to support parents to love and nurture children through these challenging but precious early years.

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2. JOIN OUR PARENTING VILLAGE ON FACEBOOK: We have created a private Facebook group Parenting babies and toddlers.  It is facilitated by Dr Yixin Jiang Xu, PhD in psychology with expertise in parent-child attachment. This group will serve as a supportive community space for discussions about parenting as well as a place where you will find replays of our webinars, Q&A sessions and additional parenting resources. Click here to join. 


Dr Yixin Jiang Xu 徐蒋亦心博士

Yixin is a registered Circle of Security Parenting Facilitator. She was born in Shanghai and grew up in Sydney after migrating to Australia in 1993. She completed her PhD in 2016 from the University of Sydney, and also holds a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours). Yixin has a particular interest in family relationships from an attachment theory perspective. She has also published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and presented her research at both national and international conferences. Yixin is married to David. They have a daughter and currently attend St Paul’s Anglican Church in Carlingford, NSW.