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March 2023 Newsletter Highlight

  1. Cherrie的分享 Sharing from Cherrie

  2. 感恩及代禱 Thanksgiving & Prayer

  3. 我們已搬入新的輔導中心 We have moved into our new West Ryde Counselling Centre

  4. 致謝 A Note of Appreciation

  5. 研討會 Seminars


Sharing from Cherrie


Dear brothers, sisters and friends,

Blessed New Year!

First Light Care (FLC) will celebrate its 25th anniversary this year. I am privileged to participate in the working committee planning this joyous event. As I was looking through the old photos, learning the FLC milestones and hearing many stories Gerald shared with me, I was amazed by how God brought this ministry alive. He has sustained it rain and shine for not a few years but a quarter of a century!

This year, there are many things we are grateful for.  Firstly, we have Dr Yixin Jiang Xu joining us as a new therapist. She is a familiar face in our First Light Care family. Over the past few years, she has been running educational seminars and reading groups to equip new parents with skills and knowledge. We are encouraged to see Yixin continuing her Clinical Psychology Master’s program in the midst of her busyness looking after her young daughter.

Secondly, Evelene, Jason and I will take turns regularly creating new content on our social media platforms. In this way, we hope to keep pace with the times and reach out to the younger generation, new migrants and netizens.  Please keep us in your prayers as we venture out of our comfort zones, as none of us is tech-savvy.

Thirdly, I would like to share that I am deeply grateful to receive an offer to study in a Clinical Psychology Master’s program this year. With God’s help, I believe this will equip me to be a better therapist. I will continue working at First Light Care in individual therapy and educational seminars throughout this year. Also, I will try a new way to run seminars via on-demand settings, allowing participants to access the content at their own time in a designated month.   

Last but not least, we are grateful that our new centre in West Ryde is now ready for operation. If you get a chance to visit our newly renovated centre and our soon-to-be-released new website, you will notice quite a few updates and upgrades. Despite all the efforts and changes to make this ministry more effective and efficient, something never changes. You got it! That’s our Vision - to walk alongside, comfort and strengthen individuals and families with the love of Christ in a professional counselling setting.  We pray that God will use this caring ministry to channel His love, care, wisdom, healing and comfort in the community.

Thank you so much for your support in partnering with us in this ministry! May our God’s love, joy and peace dwell in your hearts through faith in this new year. 


Registered Psychologist







今年我們有許多感恩的事。首先,徐蔣亦心博士加入了晨光的團隊,擔任新治療師一職。Yixin 在過去幾年裡,曾經多次在晨光主辦過教育研討會和閱讀小組,向首次為人父母的人士,提供寶貴的知識和意見。Yixin一方面忙於照顧年幼的女兒,另一方面也繼續她的臨床心理碩士課程,我們對此深受鼓舞。

第二,我和Evelene 及Jason會不斷地在社交平台上創造新的內容,以我們並不太精通的新科技知識,嘗試大膽地走出舒適的領域,以期不懈地與時並進,也接觸到年輕一代、新移民和廣大網民。務請大家為我們祈禱。


最後,我們十分感恩晨光已在West Ryde新會址開始了營運。你們如有空來探訪我們嶄新裝修的中心,以及瀏覽我們即將推出的全新網頁,必會發現當中有不少更新和改進。儘管我們竭盡所能作出轉變,努力地提高事工的效能與效率,但是,有一件事情是永遠都不會改變的。是!就是本着基督的大愛,堅守着我們的景 - 透過專業的輔導及教育服務,與個人和家庭分享從基督而來的安慰和力量。我們祈望神會透過晨光的服侍,向社羣傳送祂的大愛、關懷、智慧、治療和撫慰。







感恩及代禱 Thanksgiving & Prayer


  1. We are pleased and thankful that after the completion of renovation, the new in West Ryde Centre is now operational. We give our sincere thanks to everyone who has provided us with generous donations and offered professional help to enable  FLC to serve the community from these new premises.
  2. We are thankful for the help and support FLC has received in the past 25 years since our counselling ministry began in 1998. We pray for your continuing support and partnership with our ministry in the years ahead.
  3. Please pray for counsellors Mrs Cherrie Liu and Dr Yixin Jiang Xu who are undertaking their Masters of Clinical Psychology training programs this year to further equip themselves for better service to the community.
  4. Please pray for counsellors Cherrie, Evelene and Jason as they start creating new content on our social media platforms to reach out to the younger generation, new migrants and netizens. 
  5. Please pray for the service of the experienced pastors involved in the Pastors Renewal Ministry. May God use and bless their labour in the Lord, so that the younger generation of serving pastors may receive additional support and help.


  1. 晨光在West Ryde 新的輔導中心裝修工程完成後, 現已投入使用,我們感到很高興並為此感恩。 我們衷心感謝所有給予我們捐款和專業幫助的人,讓晨光能從這個新的輔導中心更完善地服事社羣。
  2. 我們為晨光輔導事工自 1998 年成立至今, 這25 年來不斷得到的幫助和支持而感恩。我們祈求在未來的歲月裡, 您們都會在各方面支持晨光的事工, 並繼續與我們同工合作。
  3. 請為今年正在接受臨床心理學碩士培訓課程的輔導員廖郭冠姿女士和徐蔣亦心博士代禱,並為她們願意為事奉的工作進一步裝備自己而感恩。
  4. 請為輔導員 Cherrie、Evelene 和 Jason 在晨光的社交媒體平台上創造新內容,以接觸年輕一代、新移民和網民一事代禱。
  5. 請為參與教牧更生事工的資深牧者們的服事禱告,願神使用和祝福他們在主裡的勞苦,讓年青一代的在職牧者得到更多的支持和幫助。



We have moved into our new West Ryde Counselling Centre.


New address 新地址: Shop 3, 99-101 Anzac Ave, West Ryde NSW 2114



A Note of Appreciation 致謝


We are pleased to inform you that the renovation of our New Centre at Anzac Avenue in West Ryde is complete and we are gradually open to face-to-face service.

We are very grateful for the generosity and response of many friends of FLC to our appeal for sponsorship and donation in equipping our new centre.

We would like to gratefully acknowledge the support of the following companies who have helped by subsidising some of the renovation expenses of the new centre.


我們很高興地通知您,晨光位於West Ryde Anzac Ave 新中心的裝修工程已經完成,我們將逐步開放面對面的服務。









Mandarin Seminars 國語研討會


1. 在网络时代学习社交

讲员:宋晓玲女士 Ms Joy Song

时间:8:00pm – 9:30pm
地点:Zoom 视频会议
* 可通过银行转帐、信用卡或致电晨光办公室 (02) 9211 9988 付款
# 请注意研讨会费用不予退还
2. 认识害羞
讲员:宋晓玲女士 Ms Joy Song
时间:8:00pm – 9:30pm
地点:Zoom 视频会议
* 可通过银行转帐、信用卡或致电晨光办公室 (02) 9211 9988 付款
# 请注意研讨会费用不予退还
主辦: 晨光關懷協會 協辦: 五加2基督教平台及澳洲基督教播道會活石堂
1. 如何幫助孩子面對死亡和悲傷
生離死别是每個人必須面對的,包括孩子們。當他們的親人或至愛的寵物離世,應如何告訴孩子? 如何引導他們經歷和表達心中的悲傷?
Life and death is something everyone has to face, including children. When their loved ones or beloved pets pass away, how should we tell our children? How can we guide them to cope with death and express their grief?
講員: 馬在慈女士 (註冊臨床心理學家)
日期: 07/04/2023 (星期五)      
時間: 11:30am to 1pm
形式: 網上聚會
語言: 廣東話
Married couples or most people who are in love long for a fairytale ending and to live a happy life. It is not impossible to make this dream come true. In this special lecture, we will discuss the four most common causes of relationship breakdown, and four effective ways to enhance the relationship.
講員: 馬在慈女士 (註冊臨床心理學家)
日期: 13/05/2023 (星期六)      
時間: 8pm to 9:30pm
形式: 網上聚會
語言: 粵語
晨光關懷協會 及 澳洲基督教播道會靈福堂 婦女團契


講員: 廖郭冠姿女士 (註冊心理學家)
日期:26/5/2023 (星期五)
地點:365 Victoria Ave, Chatswood
無需報名  歡迎所有有興趣的婦女參加
- Understand the science of parent-child attachment
- Practical tips for bonding with your baby/toddler
- Address challenges such as clingy behaviour, parent preference, and role of grandparents/other caregivers
講員 Speaker:           Dr Yixin Jiang Xu 
日期 Date:                 24 March 2023 (Friday)
時間 Time:                 Sydney 09:00PM - 10:30PM AEDT or Singapore 09:00PM - 10:30PM SGT  
地點 Venue:               ZOOM 視頻會議 Video Conference
截止日期 Deadline: 15/03/2023
- Understanding emotion regulation in young children
- Helping your child to be aware of, express, and manage their feelings
- Addressing challenges such as strong emotions and tantrums
講員 Speaker:           Dr Yixin Jiang Xu 
日期 Date:                 1 April 2023 (Saturday)
時間 Time:                 11:30 AM - 01:00 PM AEDT
地點 Venue:               ZOOM 視頻會議 Video Conference
截止日期 Deadline: 23/03/2023


3. Circle of Security Parenting (Abbreviated course)
- Understand your child’s emotional needs
- Deal with challenges in responding to your child’s needs
- Build a loving and secure relationship with your child
Facilitators:  Dr Yixin Jiang Xu
Date:           15/4, 22/4, 29/4, 6/5, 13/5, and 20/5 (Saturdays)                         
Time:      11:00 am – 01:00 pm
Venue:    Online (Zoom)
Cost:     $120 per one parent ($180 per both parents)
Seats are limited. This Zoom class will run as a small group of up to 5 families. Commitment to attend all sessions is important as each session builds upon the other. 
Deadline:  5/04/2023
4. The Why and How of Reading to Infants and Toddlers (0-3 yrs)
The focus of this webinar is on how to enjoy and nurture a love of reading with your young child, while at the same time, knowing the many benefits of reading with your child.
- Reasons for why reading with your child matters
- Tips for how to read with your child: how to make it more engaging, book recommendations (including a curated list), and live demonstrations
- Addressing issues such as screen-time
Speaker:  Dr Yixin Jiang Xu
Date:       9 June 2023 (Friday)                         
Time:      9pm - 10:30pm
Venue:    Online (Zoom)
Deadline:  31/05/2023
5. Healthy Screen Time for Young Children (0-5 yrs)
- What does the research say about screen time?
- Some guidelines for the amount and types of appropriate screen time
- Challenges including how to encourage less screen time
Speaker:  Dr Yixin Jiang Xu
Date:       23 June 2023 (Friday)                         
Time:      9pm - 10:30pm
Venue:    Online (Zoom)
Deadline:  31/05/2023